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Quality, seamless integration, true transformation: that’s what these Can-Am accessories for your Commander, Defender, Maverick, Maverick X3, Maverick Trail or Maverick Sport provide. Whether they’re for utility, recreation, performance or even hunting, these side-by-side vehicle accessories are designed to not only fit in and fit right but also look great and last long. Turn any Can-Am vehicle into your unique ride!

SxS Accessories: It’s all about you

Kick it up a notch inside and out with genuine side-by-side accessories

There’s nothing quite like the freedom to turn a Can-Am off-road vehicle into a distinctive machine. One that seamlessly fits into your ridestyle. That exhilaration of amping up performance and taking your SSV to the next level—on every level. Your SxS stands for who you are and what you love. That’s why we’re the experts in engineering and sourcing the best selection of side-by-side accessories.

The trails are waiting, so let’s get this show off the road. Beef up your machine with genuine SxS accessories. Built for quick no-nonsense installation and integration, they work right the first time. Personalize your ride with everything from roofs, racks, cargo and storage, audio systems, bumpers and protection. Hunt for the perfect gun boot or track down a set of high beams. Why not blast your own adventure soundtrack on an audio roof? Whatever you’re into, these rugged side-by-side accessories are just like you: ready for anything.

Buckle up and explore—we’ve made it easy to sit back and locate everything you need. Shop our SxS accessories by model, adventure, price and/or brand. Run a comparison (side-by-side, naturally) to size up your picks and hit your target. Then exercise your right to free delivery on eligible purchases. Or get your gear online and go grab it at the store. This is where the ride abides, friends.