XPS Care products

Riding off-road often means riding in mud, rain, snow, and dust. Can-Am ATVs can handle it, but keeping them clean helps them look better longer. A heavy-duty clean is also essential before any long term storage. Our selection of ATV cleaners  and restorers will help you keep your ATV looking brand new and in prime condition after a long day on the trail.

When should I clean my ATV?

It's a great idea to use ATV cleaner after every ride. Mud, dust, and debris can all impact the finish and durability of your ATV, so keeping it clean not only keeps it looking new, but helps it last longer. A thorough wash and clean with a high-quality ATV cleaner is also recommended for any storage for an extended period of time. This will help reduce the time it takes to get you back in operating condition when you're ready to get back on the road.