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ATV Covers

Protecting your vehicle's performance and looks are important to any ATV owner. To successfully protect your ATV from the elements, Can-Am offers a selection of covers to keep your ride protected. Whether it's for a day or for a season, our covers ensure quality protection that will keep your vehicle running longer and looking like new.

What can I do to protect my ATV when it's stored for an extended period of time?
If you're storing your ATV outside for an extended period of time, always remember to keep it clean. Be sure to tend the battery, inflate the tires to maximum capacity, and change the oil and air filter. Most of all, make sure you have an ATV cover to keep your ATV protected from the elements. Can-Am offers a selection of weather resistant tarps to ensure your ride stays protected.
Can-Am also offers a variety of trailer covers to keep your ATV covered during transport.