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ATV Engine & Exhaust Systems

Upgrade the performance - and looks - of your 4-wheeler with these exclusive accessories. From ATV engines to stylish exhaust systems and radiators, Can-Am has got you covered when it comes to turning your ride into the beast you've always dreamed of. And you'll be fast as lightning on the trails! Did we mention they also look stunning? Check out some of our most popular products such as our Can-Am Outlander radiator relocator kit or renegade radiator relocator kit.

Why do I need to change the exhaust system of my ATV?
The first and most obvious answer to this question is looks. You can quickly and easily give your ATV a bold new look by swapping out your existing muffler with the stylish Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust system, which does not require a new fuel injection system tuning. It is also lighter than your stock muffler, which will improve the performance and fuel consumption of your ATV. And let's not forget the sound. Wow. It really must be heard. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing the rumble of your engine as you zoom down that rugged trail on a perfect day for a ride!