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ATV Handlebars & Mirrors

Whenever you set out on a ride aboard your trusted ATV, you want to be comfortable, and you want to be safe. You can easily improve both thanks to our stylish line of ATV handlebars & ATV mirrors. These high-quality off-road accessories are easy to install and remove, making them convenient for riders who are always on the go. Backed by the Can-Am warranty.

How can I make my longer rides more enjoyable?

Our ATVs are designed to suit the most body types and riding styles as possible. It's possible that your stock ATV won't be optimally suited to you. Now, thanks to Can-Am's line of high-quality ATV handlebars and ATV mirrors, your next ride can be a lot more enjoyable. You can keep your hands away from the elements with wind deflectors, mounting kits and protector kits.

Why would I need to change the mirrors on my ATV?

Our ATV mirrors do double duty: they keep you safe by improving your field of vision so you can see all around you when you ride. And they make your ride look good. Check out our various models and styles to find the look you have in mind.