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Electrical & Electronic Accessories

Set-up your SSV to suit all your needs with our line of side by side electrical accessories. Can-Am offers a wide array of side by side electrical accessories that are designed to improve your comfort and safety each and every time you ride. Increase functionality and performance with a variety of side by side electrical accessories that will keep you on the trail without compromise. Check out some of our most popular products such as our Can-Am security system, our electronic device holder, our audio roof, or our rear view mirror and camera monitor.

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What are side by side electrical accessories used for?

Side by side electrical accessories are a solid starting point when it comes to extending the functionality of your SSV rig and its performance on the trail. Heated seats and heated grips fall under this category, as well as quick connects and jump starters. These side by side electrical accessories all have a substantial impact on the comfort and efficiency of your next ride. Extend the operating range of your SSV by customizing it to meet the extreme conditions you're sure to run into on the trail. Our quick connect system keeps your equipment versatile and adaptable to change on the go.