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Men's Riding Pants

Ride in style and protected from the elements with Can-Am's ATV and SXS riding pants. Comfort on the trail is paramount to an enjoyable ride, and with our Can-Am branded riding pants, you'll find protection from mud, rain, snow, and dirt. Our wide selection of riding pants offer both style and protection on and off the trail. Available for all types of rides. We're sure you'll find a pair of off-road riding pants that work for you.

What are some important things to consider in a pair of riding pants?

Knowing what works for you is important for any ATV or SSV rider. If you need a pair that offers superb protection and waterproofing for wet trails and rides, then choosing a material like PVC might be right for you. Other riding pants offer protection while providing circulation, giving you a mix of protection and comfort. Always consider the types of treks you do, and consider whether you want an all-round protection, or specialized items for a speciifc environment.