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Get out and show off what brand gets it done on the trail with our wide selection of men's ATV and SSV shirts and riding shirts. With our Can-Am branded shirts, you can let your fellow riders know your loyalty to a brand that is as tough and durable as you are. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, find the shirt that suits your ride.

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  1. Axeman Flannel

    Axeman Flannel

    Starting from $59.99 USD
  2. Burnham Overshirt

    Burnham Overshirt

    Starting from $79.99 USD
  3. Yoot T-Shirt

    Yoot T-Shirt

    Starting from $24.99 USD
  4. Race Roots T-Shirt

    Race Roots T-Shirt

    Starting from $24.99 USD
  5. Dunes T-Shirt Dunes T-Shirt

    Dunes T-Shirt

    Starting from $24.99 USD
  6. Maverick Jersey Maverick Jersey

    Maverick Jersey

    Starting from $49.99 USD
  7. Adventure Team Jersey Adventure Team Jersey

    Adventure Team Jersey

    Starting from $49.99 USD
  8. Checkers Long sleeves T-Shirt

    Checkers Long sleeves T-Shirt

    Starting from $34.99 USD
  9. Stamped T-Shirt Stamped T-Shirt

    Stamped T-Shirt

    Starting from $24.99 USD
  10. Speed Shop T-Shirt

    Speed Shop T-Shirt

    Starting from $24.99 USD
  11. X-Race Jersey X-Race Jersey

    X-Race Jersey

    Starting from $54.99 USD
  12. Pit Shirt Pit Shirt

    Pit Shirt

    Starting from $64.99 USD
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12 Items

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What's the story behind Can-Am?
In 1942, Can-Am started building best-in-class off-road vehicles that were known to be both reliable, durable, and comfortable. The Can-Am brand is known for performance, safety, and toughness, and many of our riders are proud to wear the brand. We're proud to offer you a selection of ATV shirts and riding shirts to show off your loyalty and give your support to a brand that looks out for your safety and quality both on and off the trail.