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Light Bars

See and be seen thanks to Can-Am's fantastic lineup of side by side light bars. These LED devices pack a ton of punch despite their small size. Most side by side light bars can be installed at different locations on your SSV, such as the front bumper, the sport roof or the Bimini roof. Optional accessories required for installation. Backed by the Can-Am warranty.

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Why add light bars to my side by side vehicle?

Are you often forced to call it a day as soon as the sun begins setting? Perhaps you can't see as well in the dark, which makes riding dangerous for you and others. That will no longer be an issue after you've installed a brand-new, powerful LED side by side light bar to your rig. Visibility is of the utmost importance on a trail ride, and side by side light bars will help you identify obstacles and hazards, both near and far, on any off-road experience. Can-Am offers side by side light bars designed to improve the safety, security, and comfort of your next excursion.