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Ryker Audio & Electronic Accessories

Electronic devices and accessories have become a staple of the 3-wheel motorcycle experience over the years. Where would we be today without our smartphones and GPS unit? Can-Am offers a wide array of electronics for 3-wheel motorcycle to complement your vehicle and make every single ride an adventure nobody will soon forget. Check out our Garmin Zumo 590 GPS for example.

Can today's GPS units do more than just show me the way?

Of course, we rely on these intelligent and essential devices to help us figure out if we need to go left or right, or if we've already driven past that lookout we were heading for and need to turn back. But did you know that some devices also include a camera? You can take pictures of that beautiful mansion you just drove by, or immortalize that abandoned barn your friend said you'd never find. Then, geotag your picture, and show it off to your buddies on the gorgeous high-quality screen when you meet up later.