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Women's Riding Gloves

Protect your hands from the harsh sun, wind, rain and cold all at once with Can-Am’s women’s motorcycle gloves. Available in both air-mesh fabric and 100% leather, they are a must have riding accessory. You can now focus your attention on the open road, knowing your hands will comfortably stay in place.

Why should I wear gloves when riding my 3-wheel motorcycle?

As they must always remain on the handlebars, it’s a good idea to protect your hands. They are exposed to all manners of harsh conditions when riding: UV rays, wind, rain drops and even bugs! Designed with your comfort in mind and part of our must-have items, Can-Am's 3-wheel motorcycle gloves for women come in both lightweight breathable fabrics and warm leather, so that you’re prepared to ride, no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.