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Customize your 3-wheel motorcycle for the urban jungle and beyond with genuine Can-Am Ryker accessories

You don’t sit still for long. There are mountains to master and cities to conquer. New streets to turn down and fun places to turn up. That’s why a 3-wheel Can-Am Ryker is your ideal navigator.

You don’t mess around with comfort or style either, so Can-Am Ryker features an automatic twist-and-go transmission. They are also seamlessly customizable for anything you do. All the solutions are right here in the Can-Am Ryker accessories shop. A sprawling selection of 3-wheel motorcycle parts, packages and kits for making every Can-Am Ryker a partner for life.

Haul more with extra cargo and storage options. Amp up the lighting for your off-road night excursions. Repel the elements with splash guards or an adjustable windshield. Own the streets with softer suspension. Pick the perfect handlebars for your build. And remember to add a seat for your friends.

You can also personalize your ride with exclusive Can-Am Ryker accessories like panels and hoods. The combos are infinite, plus they’re a cinch to swap out. And have we mentioned the ingenious line of tool-less LinQ components? Stuff you need like watertight bags, coolers and device holders that click on and off your Can-Am Ryker before you can say, “Let’s go!”

Like every Can-Am Ryker, it’s an easy ride through the Can-Am Ryker accessories shop. Browse by category and filter by model, price and more. Compare items side by side before you decide. Delivery is free on eligible purchases or you can do in-store pickup. That’s Can-Am street smarts.