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Shocks & Suspension kits

Enhance your control and mastery of your trusted 3 wheel motorcycle with Can-Am's superior suspension accessories. Enjoy sportier, more confident rides by adjusting your suspension to the ideal settings for your style of rides. Want to boost performance? You'll want to take a look at our Fox Factory Series of suspension accessories for your Can-Am Spyder.

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My partner occasionally tags along on a Spyder ride with me. Do I need to adjust my 3-wheel motorcycle's suspension?

That's a great question. Many riders fail to do so. When a passenger sits on the rear of your Spyder, there is additional pressure put on the rear suspension, which can cause it to wear down prematurely if not properly adjusted. Always check your owner's manual to find out the factory settings for your suspension and the possible adjustments you can make.

If the adjustments don't work for you, check out Can-Am's Occasional 2-Up Rear Shock kit (219400739). The weight-bearing capacity of this 3-wheel motorcycle suspension kit is declined for occasional two passenger rides.